We are a market leading AI Consulting firm

WHO Data, LLC is a market leading AI Consulting firm. We want to work directly with your company to figure out how to use AI to reduce overhead and improve employee productivity. We do this through training on how to use AI, custom AI projects, and much more!

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Who are we?

We're a team of innovators, and problem solvers, dedicated to transforming businesses through intelligent automation. With a blend of expertise, creativity, and passion, we're here to guide you on your journey to efficiency and growth.

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Here is what we are doing for clients

AI Training

AI Training

Teaching your team about the AI Tools on the Market is essential in improving productivity

Custom AI Projects

We design custom AI Systems built to scale and last

Custom AI Projects
AI Strategy

AI Strategy

How do you prepare for the amazing future of AI? We're here to help

Our Services

Top to Bottom AI Help

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AI Training

Your Team needs to know how AI tools work so they can effectively leverage them

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Custom Development

Have a specfic AI Problem you need help solving? 

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Custom AI Systems

Your automated workforce really starts here. Let's build it toegether

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Need help preparing for the future? Talk with Industry experts on where things are going

our process

With you every step of the process


Talk Options

We'll hop on a call and talk options. We'll walk you through our service offerings and see what fits your needs



By teaching your team what is possible, they can better help us figure out what can be automated. With an in depth training, not only will your team be more familiar with the tools on the market, but can help us come up with a plan for the future.


Brainstorm & Design

We brainstorm with clients to understand their needs and design impactful AI solutions. Our approach ensures seamless alignment with business objectives.



Our team of skilled engineers executes on our ideas and build powerful AI systems that change the way you do business.

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Let's work together!

Reach out to us at to unlock the true potential of AI for your business. We offer tailored AI solutions and strategic roadmaps to transform your operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth