AI Training

Teaching your team about the AI Tools on the Market is essential in improving productivity

AI Training
AI Training


Generally, this is the structure of our Intro training session.

  1. History of AI and How we got here: Our training takes you on a comprehensive journey through the history of AI, highlighting the critical milestones and figures that led to the advanced AI systems we see today.
  2. AI is just a bunch of statistics: We demystify AI by breaking it down to its core, revealing it as an advanced application of statistics used to predict outcomes and draw insights.
  3. What tools are available now?: You will be guided through a plethora of available AI tools and platforms, learning about their features and how they can be applied to various business scenarios.
  4. Where is AI going?: Stay future-ready as we delve into the emerging trends and advancements shaping the next generation of AI, preparing you for tomorrow's technological landscape.
  5. What can we do now to improve workplace efficiency?: Our focus is on how to use AI now to automate tasks, deliver data-driven insights, and personalize customer experiences, driving productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

AI Training

Customized and Convenient

We believe in flexibility and personalization when it comes to our AI Training. We're more than happy to conduct multiple sessions, tailoring each one to meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or the convenience of digital meetings, we've got you covered. Our team is well-equipped to deliver high-quality training in person, or virtually via Zoom or Teams. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and convenient learning experience possible, setting you up for success in your AI journey


The results of our AI Training go beyond just learning the ropes of AI technology. We aim to empower your team, fostering a deep understanding of AI capabilities and how to harness them to drive business success. Our training participants often report increased confidence in managing AI systems, improved efficiency in their roles, and a newfound ability to innovate using AI tools. By equipping your team with these skills, we help set the stage for ongoing growth and success in your organization's AI journey.

“It was extraordinarily eye opening to understand the modern AI landscape in such a nuanced way” - Recent Trainee